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Building Your Business With 2 Exit Strategies in Mind
You know how the experts say that the very first task of an incoming CEO is to identify his or her successor. Well, guess what: the very first action the founder of a newly-minted business should take, is to create their Exit Plan – actually two Exit Plans – one for a successful exit driven by themselves – another one for an exit forced upon them by adverse circumstance.
How Top Management Affects Employee Turnover – and How to Solve the Problem
Over 46 million Americans voluntarily left their jobs in 2022 alone. The so-called Great Resignation has already affected organizations of all industries and sizes - professional services firms are no exception. The struggle to attract and retain top talent has been one of the main challenges towards business growth.
7 Leadership Strategies for Startup Success
What is the main challenge keeping startups from sustainable growth? If you think of financing or market conditions, you're not entirely wrong. After all, the startup environment is filled with risk, from tech to product. But there's a bigger threat to young companies, one that is often overlooked until it's too late: people.
Hesitating now may cost you a lower valuation and a longer wait.
In very recent conversations with the founders of two professional services firms currently considering the near-term sale of their businesses, the same exact comment was made to me: “We definitely want to sell but are so busy presently - and pretty exhausted – we just don’t have the time or bandwidth to devote to this now – we want to get this year in the books and then focus on a sale”. Sounds reasonable? Sounds familiar?
Expanding Value Through Business Growth: Strategic Financing for Professional Services Firms
Professional services firms are very good at telling others how to navigate tricky situations. Whether they guide their clients through building their teams, growing their brands, developing their strategies, or financing for growth, outside professional advisors tend to be great at helping others see the forest for the trees.
The Agile Entrepreneur: Leadership Lessons for Deal Optimization
Starting and growing a business takes intense emotional commitment, blood, sweat and years of hard work to achieve success and be in position to attract prospective suiters. It is no surprise that founders and owners find it hard to pull the trigger and often sub-optimize rather than fully maximize the impact if they do.
Insights for Leaders Thinking of Selling a Professional Services Firm
Considering the sale of a firm to which you may have dedicated a significant part of your working life is not something that should ever be taken lightly.
A Social Media Guide for B2B Marketing
Social media marketing has become essential for business exposure and growth. In today’s environment, if you seek to create a thriving business, having a solid social media presence is vital.
Why Brand Differentiation Matters in Professional Services
Brand differentiation is a tricky topic in professional services because the marketplace is extremely crowded, and many firms feel that they offer near-identical services to their peers.
The Golden Rules of Responding to an Unsolicited Approach to Sell
If you run a quality professional services firm of any size, especially as the economy re-ignites, chances are high that, at some point, you will be approached by an organization interested in acquiring you.
Exploring Options for the Future of Your Firm – Confidently
Periodically, every professional services firm founder and leader should proactively explore and gage their firm’s current strength, challenges, potential, and opportunity to grow.
Value Lies in The Eyes of The Beholder – Key Valuation Factors for Professional Services Firms
Our Indigo Advisors Team has a wide range of custom experience as to what has most contributed to, or most detracted from value in particular professional services firms.