Your Definition of Success is Our Mandate.

Together we create the Roadmap and start the Journey.

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Growing Your Firm.

Understanding the path to reaching the next sustainable level in any Business Services or Professional Services firm should always be the focus – grow ever stronger now and expand your future options and choices.

Indigo Advisors will work with you to:

  • Clearly understand the Growth ambition, the drivers behind it, and the perceived challenges to accomplishing it
  • Explore and weigh options to achieve an optimal outcome
  • Determine the true readiness of the firm to execute – in whole or in phases. Do you have the necessary capability, capacity, and cash?
  • Undertake a realistic risk and risk mitigation assessment
  • Identify the key stakeholders, and the role and consequence of each one in moving forward
  • Specify the priorities, sequenced actions, and resources required to progress (nature, scope, scale), accountability, and timeline for each
  • Articulate and communicate the Growth Strategy to key constituencies in the most compelling manner to secure active engagement
  • Program manage the Growth initiative to deliver success! 

Selling Your Firm.

Potentially your prime asset, personally, professionally, and financially – ensure you harvest the full value of what you have built and grown.

Indigo Advisors will work with you to:

  • Understand all elements of the business, clarify the sale objective (quantitative and qualitative), and ensure the business is market-ready
  • Identify and evaluate a range of prospective options and associated approaches to accomplish the key objective(s)
  • In parallel, identify what in the business needs attention that could constitute a red flag to a prospective buyer
  • Determine who needs to be “under the tent” and for what purpose
  • Undertake a financial analysis and financial modeling of the business such that it can be promoted in the best light
  • Create an initial range of value for the business and agree the acceptable parameters on value and key terms
  • Research, identify and prioritize prospective acquirers (strategic/financial) that fit the desired profile and reach out proactively, but confidentially
  • Create the compelling, authentic narrative about the firm to be used with realistically interested parties
  • Engage directly with interested parties in a prioritized manner, seeking to create an element of competition
  • Together, negotiate interest, valuation, and terms
  • Manage the Due Diligence process through to transaction close
  • As needed, support post transaction integration