A Social Media Guide for B2B Marketing

Chris Pierce-Cooke

Over the years, social media platforms have evolved from online spaces for personal expression into powerful tools for empowering brands.

Social media marketing has become essential for business exposure and growth. In today’s environment, if you seek to create a thriving business, having a solid social media presence is vital.

Surprisingly though, many organizations still underestimate the potential in these virtual interactions. But make no mistake, the connections are real. To some, it seems frivolous to invest time and resources in interactions that are “up in the clouds”. Yet, efforts in this marketing reality can lead to very tangible results. It is a powerful environment for building trust and expanding your customer base.

Failing to take part in social media marketing, ultimately means dismissing business opportunities

So how can you use social media marketing to the benefit of your firm? While opting out is not exactly a choice, going in requires great care, especially for young companies still struggling with brand consistency. I’d like to offer some insight for those entering the hyperconnected world of social influence. Remember, it’s ok to start small, as long as you actually start! The longer you hesitate, the further you keep yourself from obtaining the results of your dreams.

Choosing the right network for B2B companies

Currently, there’s a wide variety of social media platforms available with new ones popping up almost daily. Many pick up speed fast and become incredible opportunities for burgeoning businesses, especially those directly targeting consumers. Presently, some of the most popular include Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. These are great tools for B2C initiatives, but not so much for businesses targeting other businesses.

Selecting the right network to market your firm is a critical first step and there is no doubt that LinkedIn is the social media platform of choice for B2B companies. It is the best platform to be seen in your industry and also to find and nurture profitable connections.

Before your business gets started, make sure your BRAND is well defined

Getting started with LinkedIn is relatively easy; the process is intuitive and most of the features are free of charge. But BEFORE you start posting or even setting up your LinkedIn Company Page there are some things that are imperative to establish. 

What is your brand’s narrative? Make sure to have a clear articulation of who you are and the people you help. You need to be ready to take a stand for what your company believes in and what your business stands for. Companies that stay true to their brand, gain the most trust and are the ones to have a long-lasting effect on their industry.

Have you established a visual identity? Being able to visually express the core of your business enables your audience to connect with your narrative in an emotional way. Well selected illustrations “paint the picture” and provide people another way to understand your crusade. Be very deliberate… right down to selecting the colors and fonts that best support your mission.

Follow your own rules

Once you have developed your brand guidelines, have everyone stick to them in every platform and expression of your company. Your LinkedIn pages should match your website which matches your brochures which match your PowerPoints.


Building trust is done first through consistency.

Now have some fun setting up your LinkedIn pages while adhering to your brand identity! See it as setting up the living room of your business. You will be welcoming people in to look around, stay a while, and have some good conversation. Prepare accordingly for this interaction so your guests will be impressed with your professionalism, expertise, and willingness to help them. Use every LinkedIn feature available to maximize your impact: 

  • Banners
  • Headlines 
  • Past & Present Experiences 
  • Featured Sections
  • Education
  • Licenses & Certifications
  • Skills & Endorsements, and so much more

But remember, everything you express, in both words and images, should lead back to the heart of your brand.

Plan your work then work your plan

Your social media marketing effort needs a strategy of its own. Once your branding is rock solid, then you can prepare a social media marketing plan aligned with your business goals.

There are three pillars that form a successful approach to the LinkedIn platform:




When supported by authenticity, incorporating these pillars net excellent results.

1. CONNECTION: Consistently adding the right people to your LinkedIn network is a vital piece of the puzzle. Envision the top of a funnel as in a sales graphic. New connections provide new eyes on your business. Develop and maintain consistent and relevant conversations with the right prospects and you will likely grow your customer base. LinkedIn also offers Sales Navigator, an invaluable paid tool that provides you an extensive database for prospecting leads.

2. CONTENT: What you post should speak to the pain points of your current or potential clients and not what you’re looking to “sell.” It should be value-centric content for those following your brand. Whether your company uses articles, videos, or audio materials depends on how each format serves the message you wish to share. Be brave and try different approaches! Allow your audience to step behind the curtain and see what you’re all about.

3. ENGAGEMENT: While you post your content in a steady cadence, it is critical to engage in meaningful conversations and interactions consistently. When you like and make comments on the posts of others, you become viewed as approachable and open to interaction. Additionally, the LinkedIn algorithm loves users that use its own platform. Being engaging with other’s posts actually assists to promote your own posts. The more quality exposure you create, the more you and your company become seen as knowledgeable in your space.

Social media marketing done well involves various skills and numerous variables.

You may be thinking that there’s a lot to this Social Media Marketing thing… and you’re right. It can feel overwhelming to set out on a new, proper initiative without any prior experience or expertise. Partnering with a digital marketing professional can assist you in creating and enforcing the best strategy for your business.

Communication is such a powerful expertise.

It is understandable when companies resist letting someone from the outside in. It can be difficult to trust your company’s soul to an outside professional. But responsible marketing experts can be just the ally you need in order to achieve your business goals. It is a valuable partnership for every organization, whether you need to launch a new social media marketing initiative or to course-correct your current approach.

iSellSocial is a boutique social media marketing agency that is passionate about discovering and delivering your genius in an effective and authentic way. We are proud to partner with Indigo Advisors for Social Media Strategy and Planning services. Contact us if you need guidance through the brave new world of digital marketing. We are here to deliver customized solutions that help your business grow.

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